Constitution Bindings

Constitution Binding

21.1 x 14.7 x 1.4 cm

Five bindings of the United States Constitution in red, white and blue goatskin, with back-pared onlay and inlay design based on the US Flag. Hand-stiched headbands in gold thread, gold marker ribbon. Watered-silk effect endpapers.

After the Constitution binding I did for President George W. Bush, I realised that there were design elements I wanted to do better. And after some interest from political correspondents on the Web, I decided that I would do them better, do five copies, and sell them.

The binding process was a lesson in edition bookbinding, using entirely archival materials. It also produced five books which I love very much. I bound three on cream paper and two on white, to be sold for $75 each. My mother bought one (thanks, Mom!), one went to a law student of my acquaintance (who voted Democrat in the last election), and one to the law student's Republican neighbor. Another has since been sold, leaving a single copy left. It is printed on white paper.

If, reading this and seeing the photos, you wish to buy it, please contact me on abi-at-evilrooster-dot-com.

Constitution Bindings