Softcover Sketchbook

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8.7 x 13.3 x 1.2 cm

This is one of two sketchbooks I made with my childhood friend, Kenny Harris. They are intended as travelling sketchbooks, and also as the prototypes for a basic sketchbook type that Kenny can bind himself. Once he has "playtested" them, I will post step-by-step binding instructions.

Softcover SketchbookIn technical terms, this is a five-signature sketchbook with two sheets per signature, sewn unsupported with kettlestitches. The spine was rounded but not backed, and lined with one layer of unbleached linen and one layer of kraft paper adhered with PVA. We then cased in the book with stiff card covered in brown calf, with a French groove, no squares and a cotton tape tie wrapping around the entire case. The case was then blind tooled with Kenny's initials, my bindery mark, and the year. The paper for the book, selected by Kenny, was 185 gsm acid-free watercolour paper.