In Praise of Scotland

In Praise of Scotland

1.5 x 11.5 x 1.3 cm

Rebind of a book of poems and prose about Scotland, in bookcalf, with green goat and purple cowhide back-pared onlays. Purple and green hand stiched headbands, purple ribbon. Blind tooling. Plain endpapers.

I found this book in an Oxfam bookshop in Edinburgh, and immediately thought of my mother in law, Sheila. My in-laws have a new house in France, and are stocking it with books from all over - the Netherlands, the UK, the United States. I thought having a hand-bound book on Scotland would be an ideal addition to the collection.

The book is bound in the library style, with a tight back and French grooves. The cover design is a back-pared onlay, which is an easy and satisfying way to put an intricate motif on leather. The spine is blind-tooled, though the letters are slightly indistinct from excess heat.

I gave it to her at Christmas, and I hope it graces their house for years to come.