Sharen's Book

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10.7 x 15.5 x 1.7 cm

Half-bound book sewn on five exterior cords, with a tight back and laced-on boards. Beaded headband in red and green. Spine and corners in brown bookcalf, insets in green skiver. Leather-jointed endpapers in hand-decorated paste paper.

This, along with the pale book and the two springback books (subduction and golden), is the last remnant of an abortive experiment in endpaper styles. There's very little I can say about it, apart from that I finally have made something that really feels like a fine binding. The joints are a trifle overset, meaning that the covers don't close quite properly, but my usual wekanesses (over-backing to leave the book too broad in the shoulders, under-paring the hinge leather) are absent. This book feels, and looks, delicate, with only the beaded headband and paste paper endsheets keeping it from being a period-appropriate binding from the early nineteenth century.