Tiny Tome

tiny tomeforedge view

7.3 x 5.7 x 8 mm

Small 2-signature book for display purposes, with wraparound covers in brown calf, white goat insets with silver foil tooling, and orange skiver doblures.

This book was created to go on a display board illustrating geocaching "signature items" - particular goodies which different people leave in caches, by which they are generally known in the community, Many of these are business-card sized, and this book was bound to fit in with such a display.

openclosedThe main visual interest in the book is the set of white squares on the cover. They represent my first attempt at back-pared onlays, and worked remarkably well. (A back-pared onlay is a thin piece of leather, often stabilised with paper, that is pasted to the main leather before the book is covered. After some pressing to set the adhesive, the back of the main piece is pared down so that the onlay sinks into the surface. This provides a neater finish than an inlay, and a more even surface than a standard onlay.)

I wanted the book to have a wraparound cover, with a snap fastening at the front. Unfortunately, I misjudged the thickness of the snap, with the result that the fastening is clumsy and awkward. Still, it should protect the pages of the book from harm while displayed.