Biting Less, Swallowing More B

book and box

in box: 15.3 cm x 15 cm x 1.5 cm; book alone: 14.6 cm x 14.8 cm x 0.7 cm

Cased-in single signature book bound in green suede with red goat back-pared onlay, blind tooled. Cream-colored pastedowns and scarlet handmade tissue flyleaves. Enclosed in Japanese-style wrap case covered in scarlet linen with green embroidery and a garnet clasp, lined on the inside with cream handmade paper.

The design of this book is based on a mathematical pun. The angled line on the front cover is a greater than/less than sign, with the "Biting" on the less than side and "Swallowing" on the more than side. The red is drawn from red-brown fibres in the text block paper, and the green from the initial capitals in the book.

The text of the book is a poem by my father, set and printed at his press, River and Madrone, in Piedmont, California.

The book

openfront cover

front pastedownback pastedown

Opening the box

closedone side openboth sides openopenno book