Three Bindings

Process Overview

This project was first conceived as an experiment, when I had just begun bookbinding. Its main value to the wider world is that it provides an end to end, illustrated description of three similar binding styles. If you're a beginning bookbinder, and want a complete tutorial, follow the ribbons to see three basic binds from end to end.

Although the description focuses on leather-bound books, you can substitute cloth or paper coverings if you don't (like me) live near a tannery.

2005: As I have learned more about bookbinding, I've come to realise that I left some things out of these binds. I've revised the descriptions to include these things, and to give a perspective of the (slightly) more experienced binder I have become. I expect I'll be doing so again in the future. All additions will look like this paragraph, and will be dated.

Process Map Make signatures Sew on tapes Saw for buried cords Results Leather cover with bands Glue down endpapers Make envelope cover Make case Make standard cover Make split boards Glue hollow back to spine Line spine Round and back Trim the book block