Come Rilegare i Libri

by Gianluca Marchesi, Marsilio Parolini and Vincenzo Sucato

Giovanne De Vecchi Editore, 1999

readability rating
1 star readability rating I'm sure this is much more readable for an Italian speaker...
content rating
3 star content rating Those techniques that are shown are shown well.

I bought this book in Rome, in an underground bookshop. I don't speak Italian, so I have relied mostly on the illustrations. Fortunately, the illustrations are detailed, clear, and even inspiring.

The Good Stuff
This book covers quarter, half and full bindings, many of them in leather. It shows how to do cased bindings, and how to decorate with gold foil. It assumes the reader has no knowlege and virtually no equipment (apart from finishing tools). It really does show everything very clearly.
Could Do Better
The book focuses primarily on covering books. It has very little illustration of sewing (none on sewing on cords). There are no pictures whatever of the rounding and backing process, though all the books being covered have rounded spines.
Best Bit
I have no idea. I bet the text has some amazingly quotable parts. I wouldn't know, since I don't read Italian.