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Evilrooster's Gallery

This section contains images of many of the bindings I have done since I started working in leather. Particularly interesting bindings are annotated with notes and additional images.
Last updated 23 October 2006
Book press

Tools and Equipment

A discussion of the tools and equipment used in bookbinding, with an emphasis on what I have made myself.
Last updated 5 March 2005


Techniques I have learned, used, or developed myself in bookbinding.
Last updated 18 April 2004
3 books

Three Bindings

An end-to-end illustrated description of three binding styles I did as a beginner. Originally an experiment, now a reference source.
Last updated 5 March 2005
Reference books

A Binder's Bookshelf

Reviews of the books I own on bookbinding, from the instructional, through the specialist, to the frankly bizzare. The reviews cover both style and usability.
Last updated 18 April 2004


Useful bookbinding-related links.
Last updated 2 January 2004

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