Bookbinding Techniques

I've learned almost everything I know about bookbinding from books. But the instructions are often unclear, poorly illustrated, or badly explained. I've learned a lot by trying these things out myself, and photographing as I go.

This section of the Bookweb is a collection of those technical explanations. Some are derived from end to end descriptions, updated as I have learned more. Others are entirely new. The intention is to gather all of these techniques into this one section for easy reference.

When following the instructions below, please remember that I am an amateur. Although everything I have documented here has worked for me, it is not always best practice. Before using any of these techniques on anything priceless or irreplaceable, check with an expert.

tabbed cornersTabbed Corners
How to create strong corners using a simple medieval technique.

beaded headbandsBeaded Headbands
How to create headbands using small glass beads rather than the usual thread.

straight millipedeHalf-Hitch Millipede Stitch
A decorative unsupported sewing stitch.

curved millipedeCurved Half-Hitch Millipede Stitch
A variant on the stitch above.